TAAT Review: Quitting Tobacco Cigarettes May Be Easier Than Ever Today

Quitting cigarette smoking is more difficult than ever. According to the CDC, as of 2015, a majority of the adult cigarette smokers in the country admitted that they wanted to quit. Although many smokers try to quit, they fall off the wagon and keep on with the habit. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that nicotine replacement therapy products fail to account for the ritual associated with smoking. People who have tried to quit smoking would agree that it can be extremely difficult to just stop at once or use an alternative that does not provide the same experience.

The people behind the TAAT brand understand this, and that’s why they came up with their eponymous revolutionary hemp-based cigarettes. To achieve this incredible feat, the TAAT team has developed something they describe as Beyond Nicotine. Much like Beyond Meat, Beyond Tobacco was created as a healthier alternative. 

To create their proprietary Beyond Nicotine blend for their cigarettes, the team combine hemp buds with water and food-grade ingredient. Then process these ingredients using a patented technique. The result is Beyond Nicotine, a hemp-based product that smells and tastes like tobacco. TAAT takes this a step further by packaging its hemp cigarettes just like regular cigarettes. They come with a filter, branded FSC paper, and even the same flip-top pack. 

All this means you don’t have to kick a habit if you’re trying to quit smoking cigarettes. You can just switch to TAAT. The only downside is that TAATs don’t produce a nicotine buzz like regular cigarettes. It won’t get you high either because it contains less than 0.2% THC. Instead, each stick of TAAT contains about 25mg of CBD. A lot of people who use TAAT have reported feeling calm and relaxed after smoking. 

If you haven’t heard about CBD, you’ll be glad to know that this cannabinoid has been the focus of numerous studies over the past few years. CBD has been found to have numerous potential benefits including combating anxiety, providing relief from pain, and so much more. A lot of people take CBD as a daily supplement. So, using TAAT offers a more exciting way of getting your daily dosage of this cannabinoid. 

TAAT offers its hemp cigarettes with three different flavors – Original, Smooth, and Menthol. TAAT Original has a strong tobacco flavor like Marlboro Red and American Spirit Blue. TAAT Smooth is like American Spirit Yellow tobacco free smokes. It has a light tobacco flavor. TAAT Menthol has a strong, minty tobacco flavor like KOOL or Newport.

TAAT is also very affordable. A pack of these alternative cigarettes costs only $6.99 at the company’s online store. You can buy a carton (with 10 packs) for just $59.99. TAAT offers free shipping for every order worth $40 or more. The company is currently offering a free pack of TAAT. To grab this offer, simply head over to https://trytaat.com and follow the instructions.