Reasons to Turn to DIY E-Cigarette Liquid Flavors

Every type of e-cigarette flavoring produced by Flavorah is natural vapor and does not contain added colors, incompatible preservatives, sweetness, or dilution. What makes Flavorah e-cigarette liquid flavors unique and ideal flavoring is that the e-liquid flavoring aromas are from specific flavoring extracts, compounds, and molecules. The company knows what components are in their flavors. Hence they make certain that the products are as effective as possible, and also to make it easy for recipe designers to understand the full spectrum of the PG-VG proportions used in both open and closed type devices.


What you need to Know about Flavorah e-cigarette liquid flavors

What makes Flavorah stand out is that they do not use branded or mystery ingredients, and also do not create version 2 flavors. Flavorah e-cigarette specifically is made from a limited number of food flavoring compounds that are generally recognized as safe (GRAS). Here we mean that, all products of the company are quality controlled, and standardized in the USA. All the products are alcohol, propylene glycol solvent, and not cutting agents or dilutants agents used. 


You don’t have to worry about inhaling tobacco in e cigarette Liquid flavors

Flavorah’s natural tobacco e-cigarette liquid flavorings are not from tobacco production. Its therefore essential to note the company does use any extractions from tobacco to come up of with vape juice flavoring. The tobacco flavorings are made from a time demanding and rather fascinating process. What happens during this process is that a chemist identifies the particular notes that makes a person’s brain think tobacco, and then mimics those concentrates from natural or artificial sources. Hence, Flavorah does not require real tobacco to create great tobacco flavorings. They come up with a unique concentrated tobacco flavoring without necessarily have to use tobacco in the extraction process.

Flavorah concentrates are mainly raw material meant for further processing. The raw materials used in flavoring are generally recognized safe (GRS) components for human consumption. The ingredients used are certainly not derived from tobacco and not meant for nicotine usage. Flavorah are thus foods products intended for future processing and do not contain tobacco or nicotine. 


Flavorah e-cigarette liquid flavors is itself an artform 

Flavorah strives at making the DIY an art form. They do so by focusing on the needs of the professional vapor flavorist. They also can build and create products of superior quality and affordable as compared to other ingredients used for vapor.


Safety of e-liquid cigarette is a Priority for Flavorah 

Ensuring safety is also one of the significant priorities of Flavorah. The company keeps a list of all its e-liquid cigarette flavoring products, and when products are reported unsafe, they are immediately recalled from the market. Products are also tested for quality before they are released to the market. Not so good products are not released. It means that even if a country has weak regulations or does not value quality standards, Flavorah does keep a list of inferior products to supply to such countries.


Not necessarily out for competition Just Flavoring

Flavorah values the quality of their products and is not out to compete with its competitors. Their principle is to focus on flavoring and ensuring they have the raw materials needed to equip their customers with the best vaporing experience possible. Hence they are mostly concerned with food flavorings not finished products. What makes also make Flavorah unique is that they also do not mix their e-cigarette flavors with nicotine. They are so good that you do not need nicotine to feel a notch higher. More importantly, nicotine has a harshness and gingery flavor that will weaken the full flavoring profile of Flavorah flavorings. Interestingly Flavorah is so invested in making the flavors the best such that they are not do packaging, they do not sell vape through hardware or operate any vape stores or distribute vape brands. Flavorah concentrate on flavoring.