Glacier eLiquid by SALT Review

Glacier eLiquid by SALT is a refreshing sensation packaged in a bottle for your vaping pleasure. From the cooling sensation the vape juice delivers down to its high quality nicotine and throat hit that would make you reminisce that of a traditional cigarette. It would make a perfect addition to your vaping collection, especially if you are a heavy vaper and a lover of cool, refreshing flavors. 

Salt e liquids manufacture all of their vape juice in the UK and make use of high quality salt nicotine to deliver smooth and strong throat hits, ideal for any heavy vaper looking for a smooth transition into vaping. The brand has an array of vape juice flavors that would send your taste buds on a thrilling adventure with every drag. Their nicotine salt eliquid range include soda, menthol, and tropical fruit blends. 

Glacier eLiquid by SALT Review

On both the inhale and exhale, your taste buds are treated to a cool menthol taste with its cooling effect and a distinct and crisp aftertaste that would linger in your mouth long after you are done vaping. The cooling effect is present all through, from the inhale to exhale, and you even get a complimentary fresh-tasting ice that balances out the flavor and climaxes your trip to the icy cold arctic mountains. 

SALT makes use of a unique base ratio i.e. the ratio of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) used in the vape juice mixture. They make use of 50 percent VG which delivers discreet vapor production. They also use 50 percent PG which delivers bold flavor delivery coupled with a smooth throat hit. The base ratio makes this vape juice perfect for starter kits and pod devices.

Glacier eLiquid by SALT is available in 10mg and 20mg nicotine concentrations so regardless of your preference, you are able to find your ideal suit. This means that you get a significantly higher level; of nicotine per millimeter. If you prefer a string nicotine hit that would leave you satisfied every time you take a drag, you may be looking at a bottle with 20mg of salt nicotine. If you are not sure, it is not a bad idea to start off with 10mg so you get a taste of what the nicotine hit feels like so you know if you need to step up your game. Thanks to the salt nicotine formula you are not only able to enjoy high concentrations of nicotine with smooth throat hits, but salt nicotine also absorbs much faster and stays at work in your system much longer giving you extended pleasure.

Glacier eLiquid by SALT Review

Salt nicotine e liquids like this Glacier eLiquid by SALT are not ideal for use with sub-ohm devices or drippers. On the other hand, they are perfect for pod based devices and low power devices. 

Finding premium vape juice at affordable prices may seem like a challenge until you get to meet companies like SALT and Vape Green.Glacier eLiquid by SALT somes in a 10ml TPD compliant bottle with a childproof and tamper-evident cap. The bottle is neatly packaged in a box with all the information about the ejuice even before you open up the pack. On Vapegreen you get to buy the Glacier eLiquid by SALT for only £3.99 allowing you to get as much as you want without worrying about spending a fortune to simply enjoy what you love. On Vape Green, you not only get affordable high-quality vape juices like this, you also get the option for free shipping and same working day dispatch. 

Take your tastebuds on this arctic adventure with a unique salt nicotine delivery that sums up to an unforgettable vaping experience.