CBDfx Vape Oil Kit Review

Can you imagine what it would feel like to have a satisfying vape experience and enjoy some health benefits at the same time? Think about it! For vapers who deal with anxiety, stress or pain, you can get more than you would expect from regular vaping when you vape CBD.

Vaping CBD is a three-in-one combo; taking a drag of CBD vape juice that has real soothing effects, blended with absolutely delicious flavours that knock-out your taste buds, using a CBD vape kit that creates paradise in every hit. Well, this is only possible when you get the right vape juice and the right vape kit.

There are a lot of online vape stores in the vape market so finding a good store might get confusing. You can save your time – and money – by checking out the CBDfx online store instead.

CBDfx is a Californian vape company, founded in 2014, that offers you the finest, purest and most effective CBD products in the vape market – no flattery intended. To prove this, take a look at this review of the CBD Vape Oil Kit by CBDfx.

Product Features

The CBD Vape Oil Kit is everything you need to kick-start your journey in vaping CBD. It contains a glass and steel cartridge with a ceramic coil, a magnetic adaptor ring, a lithium rechargeable battery, a USB charger and an instructions manual.

Let’s get into the details!

The kit is crafted in a ultra-compact sleek silver body design and weighs only 2oz. With its 4” height, 1” width and 0.6” thickness, it can fit your hand in a cosy way. It is both refillable and rechargeable, which is quite cost-effective. You don’t have to toss out your kit after you exhaust your CBD vape juice nor battery power.

The kit also utilizes a single button operation. You need to press the power button five times to activate the device. The LED light would blink purple or pink five times when the device turns on. Afterwards, the button will turn blue when you press it.

The 1000mAh lithium battery was designed to hold out for two to four days if you use it moderately and a day and half if you are a heavy user. After this time, you can easily recharge with its USB charger. That’s perfect for road trips and weekend camp-outs.

The 1ml cartridge is made with ceramic coil and looks classy yet durable in its glass-steel body design. It’s specially modified to heat up CBD oil at a lower temperature to avoid incidences of vaping burnt oil, which is the case when you use regular vape kits for CBD oil.

You would find holes beneath the mouthpiece of the cartridge. They are the airflow control valves designed to allow proper airflow into your vape kit – to give you a flavoursome vape and cool your coil.

Easy way to use

To use, just swap out the cartridge and fill with your favourite CBD vape juice which is also produced by CBDfx. Screw the magnetic adaptor ring on to the cartridge and place it back into the kit. The magnetic adaptor ring looks gold and silver; ensure the flat silver side faces down while the four-notched gold side faces up. Activate the device by pressing the button as described earlier. When the device is powered on, hold down the power button and take a satisfying drag.

Great value for money

The CBD Vape Oil Kit offers great value for $39.99 at cbdfx.com. You get a 10% discount when you purchase a CBDfx vape juice alongside your vape kit.